Repair Faulty Dryer Vents: Advice from the Santa Rosa Wizard

Dryer vent repair and maintenance: If you are on track with your appliance maintenance schedule then you are ahead of most people. Have you included dryer vent cleaning in your maintenance schedule? Unfortunately, many people do not give dryer vent cleaning a thought. If you have never had professional dryer vent cleaning done then chances are likely that you do not have the best dryer exhaust system. A professional inspection will indicate if dryer vent repair or replacement is necessary for your dryer to work safely and efficiently.

UL Rating

The UL rating should be printed somewhere on the information about the parts that make up your dryer vent system. While most of the more recent clothes dryers that have been installed are UL approved, there are many people using clothes dryers that have been in place for many years, or have just changed out the dryer, but not the dryer vent system. If this is the case with you, then it would be a good idea to have a dryer vent specialist do a complete inspection to be sure your dryer vent system meets current safety standards.

Shortest Distance

Dryer ducts should be routed so that the distance from the back of your dryer to the dryer vent outside is as short as possible. The dryer vent system carries heat and moisture from your home and the further it needs to travel the harder your dryer is working. Additionally, the more line there is to make it through the greater the chance of lint becoming trapped in the dryer vent system causing a fire hazard and reducing the efficiency of your dryer.

Too Many Bends

Some dryer lines have a lot of bends and turns before making it to the vent outside. These turns will restrict airflow from your dryer, reducing the performance and increasing drying time and energy consumption.

Smooth Material

Dryer ducts should be smooth inside to improve airflow and reduce lint build-up. Pieces should be joined with foil tape (not duct tape), rather than sheet metal screws that will protrude to the inside and catch lint. Do you have a rigid metal dryer vent system or are you using the old-fashioned, vinyl or flexible foil type? If you are not sure, then it is likely that you have a potential safety hazard that you are not aware of.

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